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What Is Net Promoter? A Trusted Anchor For Your Customer Experience Management Program Net Promoter ScoreĀ®, or NPSĀ®, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round. The NPS Calculation Calculate your NPS using the answer[...]

VAT should i register for VAT

“Should I register for VAT?”

Is a common question raised with me by new startups. The answer is not always clear-cut, explains Andy Tree, Associate Director for TechVentures.London and MD of Top Branch Partners:   The VAT registration threshold is currently a turnover of Ā£83,0000 in theĀ immediate,Ā previous 12 monthsĀ (not in theĀ previous, financial year or current financial year). There is no[...]