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Why you might need a ‘Sales and Marketing Audit’

Sales and Marketing Audit, do I look like a failure? Well before you run feeling smug and confidence, i would suggest just check your self-awareness using these quick questions. If you can answer yes to any of these, chances are you might need some help!


1. Message and positioning

2. Sales process and methodology

3. Key deal and account management strategy

4. Sales tool-kit and associated playbook(s)

5. Success formula - KPI’s and levers

6. Customer acquisition costs


Sales process and methodology; when did you last review them?

As we begin a new year it’s a great time to plan and revisit documents. It’s also a good idea to bring in sales and marketing consultancy to explore some key business housekeeping as listed in the previous paragraph.You may well think that generally all is functioning well. After all, wouldn't bringing in a sales and marketing consultancy look like failure?

No. But a fresh pair of eyes may well discover the missing piece you have been looking for. Perhaps you reviewed all sales-related strategies a few months ago. But a quarter of a year is a long time in contemporary business. Companies can collapse in less time that that. Of course, as Maria Robinson said: ‘Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending.’

1. So what’s the point of bringing in sales and marketing consultancy to do an audit?

2. Do you really need to review all aspects of your go to market or sales process strategy?

Let me give you an example. In December 2015 I undertook just such a review. The company was a really exciting SME with some pretty zippy products. Initial impressions looked good.   But having spent 24 hours analysing sales process, forecasts, sales messages and positioning etc. this is what I discovered:

1. The company was not explicit about its value

2. It was unable to demonstrate economic and associated value with empirical data

3. There were no reference-able use cases to anchor to, for both the vendor and consumer

4. They were pitching either the right message to the wrong buyer or the wrong message to the right buyer.

Whilst the 2016 plan was well presented and comprehensive, it lacked the substance that matters to both the business and its consumers. Let’s face it, the bottom line is: “We need to be compelling and investable at pace” To compound this, there appears to be no recognisable sales onboarding or induction plan/programme anchored to ramp/quotas.

This was exacerbated further by a gap in the knowledge/understanding of what the vital message and positioning ought to be, especially to put the sales department in winning position.  This is not a crisis. The situation could actually be turned around quite easily by implementing, and using a recognised sales tool-kit.

Clearer message and positioning around the value proposition aimed at the right buyer will impact dramatically. Just these changes will expedite results and accelerate learning.  The crisis comes when you don’t bring someone in to spot the need for tweaks and changes early enough. This is where sales and marketing consultancy can offer massive benefits.

Bringing in a new breed of Consultant can offer a completely different perspective.

Although some of this might be very painful to hear for any startup or SME, it is necessary. Bringing in a new breed of Consultant can offer a completely different perspective. They can give you both granular examination and a broader picture of business. Sometimes an unrelated experience will shed new insights into a company’s modus operandi and change everything.

We cannot be specialists in everything. Each one of us needs an expert in varying fields. Therefore bringing in sales and marketing consultancy is not an admission of failure. Actually, it’s a statement of intent. You are really saying:

1. We want to improve our sales messaging.

2. We want to put customer experience at the heart of everything we do

3. We want to compete in a fast-paced commercial environment.

4. We want to prove to customers and investors that we are agile, innovators can cope with growth and that our customer relationships really matter.

5. We want to enhance our reputation and increase brand loyalty, be relevant and be a go-to solution.

A consultant will ask lots of questions and will ask them without being personally involved in a product launch or business. This objectivity may be just what is needed. Bringing in a sales and marketing consultancy to do an audit will offer you perspectives, responses, experiences you may not have anticipated or considered.

They have the benefit of starting with a beginner’s mind in terms of your specific business, but with an expert’s knowledge regarding how to move forward. In addition, having a robust/explicit sales process will help you gain control of deals. This will lead to greater forecasting and profitability. It will also save time and help with predictability and allocation of key internal resources to support deals.

This is the baseline for your start-up, SME or organisation. If you can get that right then you begin Q1/H1 and ultimately begin 2016 in a stronger position. All consumers are looking for choice, personalisation, speed and most importantly convenience. We know this and we understand TIME is so precious. You only have a very small window to take advantage of a potential client’s  attention.

So why should you bring in a sales and marketing consultancy? If like most company owners, shareholders, CXO’s, senior directors, you are primarily focused on trying to;

1. Increase market and wallet share

2. Reduce costs

3. Increase sales and profitability

4. Increase agility and reduce complexity

5. Save time

6. Build brand recognition and leverage

7. Customer loyalty

8. Deliver work class customer service

9. Ultimately increase company market cap/valuation

10. Reduce risk and improve security


If I could influence and expedite results leading to these or some of these outcomes, would you be interested? If the answer is YES, what’s included in a Sales and Marketing Audit.

A review of your:

1. Current market and business model

2. Go to market strategy

3. Message and positioning

4. Sales process and methodology

5. Key deal and account management strategy

6. Sales tool-kit and associated playbook(s)

7. Success formula - KPI’s and levers


1. Short-form report including insights and recommendations



2 day on site - meeting key personnel

1/2 day offsite - to write report



Telephone: +44 7901 108 293



Example client results

•Tens of thousands £ increase in sales and profitability

•Over 400% increase in average order values and shorter sales cycles

•Forecasting and probability accuracy to within 10%

•Key deal close rates up 20%

•Winning message and positioning through campaigns and playbooks

•Standardised sales process and methodology leading to improved knowledge and competency

If any of this resonates for you and you would like to make simple but considerable changes to your sales process and methodology, why not initiate a free no obligation discovery chat.

Telephone: +44 7901 108 293



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