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Seed Investment For Your Startup

Investment for Startups

We can provide you with access to investment, expertise and customers without losing control of your business or impacting your  cash-flow.


Early stage with an idea but no product?


Looking to build/develop a prototype (MVP) Minimal Viable Product


Looking to market test your idea(s) & products?


Looking to scale sales and marketing quickly to win more customers?


Looking to add strategic hires to your business?

Advise & Expertise For Your Startup

Startup Expertise

Prevent your startup from making unnecessary and expensive mistakes, including falling into many of the pitfalls most startups find themselves in. We can accelerate your momentum by adding covenant and expertise to your startup. Here are just some of the activities our startup expertise can help you with on your journey to greatness!

  1. Business Model Generation
  2. Go-To-Market Strategy
  3. Value Proposition Design
  4. Lead Identification as a Service
  5. CxO Meetings-On-Demand
  1. Business Development Automation
  2. Winning your first paying customers
  3. Building your investment ‚ÄėPitch Deck‚Äô
  4. Building a winning team
  5. Legal and Accountancy as a Service

Our Startup Blog

Leadership Mentor Model Ron Goddard

Leadership Mentor Model: Ron Goddard

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Ron Goddard NPS Score

Ron Goddard NPS Results

What Is Net Promoter? A Trusted Anchor For Your Customer Experience Management Program Net Promoter Score¬ģ, or NPS¬ģ, measures customer experience and predicts business growth.…

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early stage investor equity development model

Early Investor Equity Development Model

Full article to follow

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Hedgehog concept and The Flywheel Effect

Hedgehog Concept and The Flywheel Effect

Here's a couple of visuals to help all you startup founders think about your Hedgehog Concept and the importance of the Flywheel Effect.

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startup fundraising cycle

Startup Fundraising Cycle

Here's a visual to help all you Founders identify the Startup fundraising cycle

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startup founders techventures.london

The simplest question all startup founders should be asking themselves, first(?)

You spot a gap in the market, a habit or process you feel you can improve upon and then you come up with a great…

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Our Team of Associate Directors

Andy Tree

Associate Director - Accountancy & Finance
As¬†Associate Director of¬†Accountancy and Finance at Techventures.London Andrew is an experienced Accountant and business entrepreneur as well as Managing Director and founder…

Paul Ioannides

Associate Director - Talent Acquisition
As¬†Associate Director for¬†Hiring, Talent Acquisition at Techventures.london Paul is also CoFounder of Orama Solutions an executive consultancy which operates in¬†partnership with high…

Kishan Bhatt

Associate Director - Legal Services
As¬†Associate Director for Legal at Techventures.london Kishan is also Legal Executive of The London Law Practice and Director of KB & Co.…

Startup Testimonials

Creating Value For Our Startups

"As a founder spinning various plates i took it all to Ron, our first investor and he has this exceptional skill of cutting through the noise. He takes a complex idea and offers clarity. Without effort, he motivates, and inspires those around him and helps enable entrepreneurs to achieve their primary goals"

Founder and CEO Noagent.io
NoAgent.io founder testimonial

"Ron is my personal super hero!!! Very intelligent and experienced entrepreneur. Independent of the sector one is in, he brings the business back to the core to truly understand someone’s needs and what the problem your are solving. He completely took our concept apart but also how team members work together and where you need to have the right alignment and what areas to focus on first. On a scale from 1-10, Ron is 100!"

Founder and CEO Artcube.co
ArtCube founder client testimony

"Working with Ron is great fun, really useful and definitely a great step towards being successful, rather than just being some people with an idea"

Co Founder Uhype.com
Hype founder testimonial

"Officially Ron is our NED, in reality he is a lot more: Our first investor, my personal mentor, coach and source of inspiration. I would definitely recommend Ron ro any founder of any startup. He will bring energy, motivation, strategic thinking, commercial strategy solidity, execution and much more"

CEO & Co Founder Highflyers.london
Highflyers.london ceo client testimonial

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