Ron Goddard founder and eco of

Ron Goddard

Founder & CEO - Investor & Strategy

As Founder and CEO of Techventures.London we primarily serve to core audiences;

1. Startup entrepreneurs - looking for investment and expertise
2. Corporates - looking for advisory, consultancy, and interim
management services

For Startups we act as a challenger brand. Offering a rare long-term combination of funds, expertise and even access to customers without an extortionate amount of equity or impact to day-to-day cash flows

Key benefits being. We will roll up our sleeves and give you the time and/or money by working at a partnership level, as well as offer you access to a network of proven professionals that will help grow your business. Techventures.London gets paid when the founder does. Which is why we only work with selected founding teams and our offering is so unique.


“Officially Ron is our NED, but in reality, he is a lot more: Our first investor, my personal mentor, coach and source of inspiration. I would definitely recommend Ron to any founder of any startup. He will bring energy, motivation, strategic thinking, commercial strategy solidity, execution and much more” 

CEO Highflyers

For corporates and SME's I know the demands on modern day businesses all to well. Over the last 20 years, I have been at the coal face either creating value for customers directly, or leading teams and departments doing just that.

With the stakes so high, owners, the board, and senior leadership want not only more wallet and profit share, they demand it today, not tomorrow! The pressure to reduce the cost of acquisition, increase average order values and remain relevant with a clear differentiation. Is not only impacting the business, it's bending our product, sales, and marketing functions out of shape.
I work with corporates and startups all the time and am adept at removing silos and encouraging cross collaboration. Experienced in implementing standardised processes and structures that work. Proven skills to increase not only sales but also profitability at scale.

 “Ron was instrumental in re-engineering our direct sales team structure. After his in-depth analysis, he recommended a simple, clear but critical steps to re-energise the sales team and to clarify its objectives and processes. Ron’s experience would benefit any sales organisation in the technology sector”

CFO Venda a Netsuite Company


“Incredibly insightful and focused on driving to the right outcomes within our business. Not only do we have a clearer picture on where we are heading, we also have the process and accountability in place to make it happen… In short an excellent return on investment”

CEO Private Equity Co.

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